Diggerland is presented with a KM Partnership Award

When it comes to company Corporate Social Responsibility, children’s construction theme park Diggerland take things very seriously.

From the sponsoring of specialist blood bikes supporting the delivery of blood to hospitals across the UK, to donating thousands of tickets per year to schools and charitable organisations, Diggerland love to give back to the community.

As a huge thank you for their work, Diggerland were presented with the KM Partnership Award at a glitzy event held at the Ashford International Hotel, on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

 The awards ceremony is designed to thank organisations for their sheer dedication and support to making Kent a better place to live, be educated and work.

More than fifty organisations team together and are critical partners of the KM Charity Team in delivering charity fundraising, educational events and services right across the Kent County.

Diggerland works with the KM Charity Team to sponsor the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards, a prestigious event to recognise the hard-work and commitment advocated by teachers and teaching staff across the county. In addition Diggerland support the KM Treasure Chest by supplying raffle and auction prizes to the PTAs, charities and voluntary groups.

Being presented with the KM Partnership Award meant a lot to Diggerland, with UK Marketing Manager, Sherene Garvin-Mack commenting, “It’s such a wonderful achievement to have been presented with a KM Partnership Award. We love to give back to the community and are constantly helping with fundraising and sponsorships, as it’s so important to us to benefit society as a whole. We weren’t expecting an award at all, but this means a lot to the team.”

If you work with a charitable organisation or a school that might need some help with a fundraising event, be sure to contact Diggerland who may be able to assist in some way –

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