Forage & Feast workshop

Autumn provides a rich harvest of berries and leaves to titivate our tastebuds. Join Lucia Stuart of The Wild Kitchen on a park bramble ramble and cook up a camp fire storm. The menu will include:

  • Smoked bacon or cheese butty with homemade haw ketchup & pine salt
  • Blackberry pancakes with sweet seabuckthorn cream & hogweed seed sugar sprinkle
  • Sea buckthorn treacle & apple hot toddy
  • Pine tea or rosehip tea
  • Bramble whisky soda or Pine vodka soda (only for the adults!)

These workshops provide the perfect introduction to searching for and cooking delicious wild foraged food. From nature’s simple bounty Lucia will teach you how to make delicious food and together you will cook a scrumptious outdoor feast in the wild kitchen.

£40 per person. £70 for two.

Pricing Information

£40 per person

£70 for two.