Medieval Pilgrimage: Faith, Fun, or Folly?

To think of medieval pilgrimage is to think of Chaucer’s vivid portraits of his pilgrims. In fact, his pilgrims were wildly untypical of pilgrimage as most people practised it.

Nicholas Orme’s talk will explain why this is so: who went on such journeys, their motives for going, and why their going attracted criticism – criticism that eventually led to the closing down of pilgrimage in 1538. In particular he will ask why the shrine of Thomas Becket became such a popular destination.

Nicholas Orme is emeritus professor of history at Exeter University and an honorary canon of Truro Cathedral. His 30-odd books include histories of medieval childhood, schools, cathedrals, and pilgrimage.

£ 8 Friends, £10 non-members, includes tea and coffee on arrival.

 21 October 2021 10:30 – 12:00
Venue: Clagett Auditorium, Canterbury Cathedral Precincts
Supported by the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral

Pricing Information

 £ 8 Friends, £10 non-members, includes tea and coffee on arrival