Orchard Walks at Brogdale Collections

For anyone seeking to escape the house or office for some fresh air and gorgeous countryside, our Orchard Walks are an ideal option. We invite you to come along with friends and family to enjoy this special place and experience the largest national collection of fruit in the world – right on our doorstep in the garden of England.

Visitors can use a  self-guided walk to enjoy the wonderful wildlife and nature of these unique orchards.

There will be measures in place to ensure everybody’s safety.  The booking system will make sure the orchards do not become crowded and the one-way route has been carefully planned to avoid bottlenecks.

The orchards will be open seven days a week between 10am and 4pm.  Passes and timeslots can be organised via our website.

Pricing Information

In order to visit the Collections, visitors must have a valid Orchard Pass and book a free Orchard Walk timeslot via our website.

Orchard Passes cost £13.50 for an adult or £28 for a family and entitle passholders to a year’s free entry to the fruit filled orchards.