Outdoor Theatre at Rochester Castle: The Winter’s Tale

With the castle as the backdrop, there is no better stage to watch enthralling performances this summer.


The Winter’s Tale
William Shakespeare

Changeling Theatre’s


The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare


‘It is required, you do awake your faith.’


The Winter’s Tale, a wonderful fairy story set in Sicily and Bohemia. Leontes has everything a man could want: wealth, power, a family that loves him and friends. But he is not at peace. Inside he harbours a bitter jealousy that drives him to destroy all he holds dear. Many years later, in a distant country, a journey begins that may ultimately heal his pain and reunite his family. With all the crazy antics of the Changeling magic, plus beautiful costumes and just hint of …ABBA


The play contains Shakespeare’s most famous but challenging stage direction: ‘Exit, pursued by a bear.’






Pricing Information

Adult: £22

Child: £12