Stained Glass Studio Tour at Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass Studios workshop is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Stained Glass Heritage.

Visit the studio, meet one of our conservators and learn more about their work specialising in the conservation, restoration and protection of stained glass from the 12th Century to the 20th Century. The Stained Glass Studio is rarely open to the public so do not miss this opportunity to discover more about art in glass.

The Stained Glass Studio was established at the Cathedral in the 1830’s, perhaps the first of its kind, in order to restore the mediaeval glass. Like all other historic glazing in the country, the famous late 12th century windows of the Cathedral had suffered substantially from all kinds of destruction, be it accidental damage, vandalism or environmental impact. For the first 120 years or so, the Studio was responsible for the restoration of all the medieval glass as well as for the creation and manufacture of new windows carried out in the mosaic style of the early Gothic period. In the wake of the Second World War extensive repair work was necessary, and this was followed by twenty years of general maintenance work.

In 1972 the Studio was re-established as a Cathedral department and re-located within the secure Cathedral precincts. The new studio was furnished with the most up-to-date equipment to preserve the glass and guided by a panel of experts to ensure the implementation of the latest conservation techniques and ethics.

Stained Glass conservation today has to follow ethical guidelines that are completely different, sometimes even detrimental to those of the past. Priority is now given to the historical material (glass, lead and ironwork), which is to be preserved for as long as possible. Furthermore, all methods employed have to be reversible and all steps undertaken must be fully recorded for the benefit of future generations.

The Studio has gained a high reputation in the field of conservation and the team of highly trained conservators care not only for the glass of Canterbury Cathedral but also work on the windows of other churches and cathedrals throughout the country and for institutions such as The National Trust and English Heritage.

£25 per person. Cathedral admission not included.

Pre-booking required; not suitable for under 18s.

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£25.00 per person

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