The creators of SURVIVAL are excited to bring you SURVIVAL: THE INITIATION, an introduction to obstacle course racing.

For many, the thought of entering an obstacle course race (aka: OCR) is an incredibly daunting prospect. SURVIVAL: THE INITIATION is a beginner-friendly introduction to obstacle course racing with the sole aim of helping you overcome OCR apprehension – and have lots of fun along the way!

What’s involved?

The 2.5km route will focus on obstacles on the MY/PT course, combined with a short run, plus the chance to shoot a few arrows on our archery range to get the blood pumping a little harder.

Each small group will be accompanied by a trained MY/PT instructor who will guide you through the course, offering tips on technique, teaching a few little tricks and providing bags of motivation to help you dominate every obstacle.

You won’t be expected to race – it’s not a timed event. We encourage you to focus on having fun and giving each obstacle your best effort rather than trying to beat the land-speed record or your fellow runners. Walking between obstacles is totally acceptable. Obstacle completion is not mandatory. There are no penalties for skipping obstacles but, with expert tuition from our instructors, we’ll try our hardest to help you conquer them.

Who can take part?

SURVIVAL: THE INITIATION is a great opportunity to try something a little out of the ordinary, to challenge yourself and friends, to spend time together as a family or to achieve a personal goal.

Waves run every 30 minutes, starting from 10.30am. The morning waves are dedicated to adults (over 18’s). The afternoon sessions are specially designed for families (with children aged 8 and over).

How much does it cost?

Adult: £20 (aged 18 and over)
Child: £10 (aged 8 – 17)
Family: £55 (2 adults and 2 children)

Fee includes: event entry, MY/PT instruction and finishers goody bag.

Pricing Information

Adult: £20 (aged 18 and over)
Child: £10 (aged 8 – 17)
Family: £55 (2 adults and 2 children)