The Game Is Afoot


Embark on an exciting adventure this summer as you step into the shoes of a Dockyard Detective. Transport yourself back to 1887 at the bustling Chatham Dockyard, where whispers of treachery echo through the air.

Within the historic setting, alarming rumors circulate about classified information being leaked to foreign powers, putting the Royal Navy in jeopardy. Professor Elgar, the esteemed Director of Dockyards, and his Admiralty associates are in disarray as they strive to uncover the identity of the elusive “Torpedo Turncoat.”

Despite exhaustive investigations, the authorities are at a loss, unable to pinpoint the traitor within their midst. Will you rise to the challenge and assist in solving this perplexing puzzle?

Channel your inner detective skills to follow the trail of clues strewn across the The Historic Dockyard. Create your own bespoke Detective Kit, indispensable for deciphering cryptic messages and unlocking the mystery’s secrets.

Engage in interactive challenges designed to put your intellect and deductive prowess to the test. With each solved puzzle, you inch closer to unraveling the enigma and exposing the truth behind the treachery.

Prepare for an experience filled with intrigue and excitement as you race against time to crack the case of the torpedo turncoat. Only the most perceptive sleuths will emerge victorious in this thrilling escapade through history. Suit up in your deerstalker hat and embrace the thrill of becoming a true Dockyard Detective, where every clue brings you closer to the heart of the mystery.

Pricing Information

This event is included within the price of admission to The Historic Dockyard Chatham.