Wartime Blackout Tours

Join us as we turn the lights off between 4pm and 5.30pm to recreate life for the town’s tunnel shelterers during 1940

November 1940 was one of the most difficult times for Ramsgate. The town suffered an Air Raid or Air Raid Warning, sometimes multiple times, nearly every single day that month. This guided walking tour of the ARP Tunnel system will be enjoyed in total darkness with just Hurricane lamps to illuminate over half a century of history.

The tour itself will have a distinct focus on the events of November 1940 covering everything from Italy’s involvement in Ramsgate’s wartime history to a certain Mr Goodshall’s ‘over inquisitive nature.’

Due to the restricted visibility on the tours and the personal lighting to be used, it is deemed unsuitable for those aged twelve years and below and for those with restricted vision.

The Special Blackout Tours will operate on Sundays in November only

Pricing Information

Tickets £10 each