Wild Classroom Outdoor Cooking

Wild Classroom: Outdoor Cooking

Dates: Wednesday 25th August and Thursday 26th August

Times: 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm

Are you wondering how to keep the kids busy this summer?  Well look no further than the beautiful orchards of the National Fruit Collections at Brogdale.  Why not spend a day of exploring our orchards at Brogdale and discover some new skills. Book your Wild Classroom: Outdoor Cooking kids cooking session for some delicious, healthy, hearty, seasonal fun and spend some time exploring the orchards, learning new skills and having an enjoyable day with us.

2 Hours (Book a time for your Wild Classroom cooking & enjoy the whole day)

Join us this summer for some fun, food and fire. Get outdoors and cook over fire with Wild Classroom, using the very best local, seasonal and foraged foods.  This two hour workshop will include a tour of Brogdale Collections stunning Heritage fruit collection, where you and your family will be able to enjoy exploring a huge variety of heritage tree fruit including early seasonal apples and vast array of plums, damsons and gages.

Families will then return to the campfire where some of the freshly picked fruit will be put to culinary use in a hands-on workshop, making seasonal delights such as apple crumble, pea and apple soup, and plum and blackberry cobbler, all of course will be cooked over an open fire. There will be plenty to eat and enjoy, as well as a chance to ask any outdoor cooking questions that you may have. Once you’ve learned how satisfying it is to cook with fresh ingredients over an open fire, they’ll be no stopping you.


Pricing Information

Tickets: 1 Adult & 1 Child: £9.50

Additional adults : £7.50

Additional Child: £7.50