Lynx beat BREXIT by Days

Two beautiful lynx kittens have just arrived in the nick of time at the popular wildlife conservation charity Wildwood Trust.

As BREXIT looms, conservationists at Wildwood Trust have been working around the clock to create facilities to care for the animals. The last two weeks has seen frantic activity to ensure the lynx could be moved before the BREXIT deadline at the end of the month.

The two lynx, a male and a female from France, arrived at Wildwood this weekend.

The Eurasian lynx is seen by many in Britain’s rewilding movement as the best species to help breath life into our wild places and restore natural biodiversity. The animals are vital in Wildwood’s mission to educate people about what a rewilded Britain would look like.

Wildwood’s Mark Habben, Head of Living Collections, said:

“It was a race against time, but worth it. Brexit had made the movement of the animals across Britain’s borders a lot more uncertain. Enhanced controls and transport issues would have meant compromised animal welfare and more work for us”

“The lynx once roamed free across Britain, maintaining a delicate ecological balance, which might come to be again. They are an important part of the story of how we can protect nature for future generations, and use rewilding as a tool to combat catastrophic climate change by sucking carbon back into the ground”