New Museum adds to attractions at Ramsgate Wartime Tunnels

A new museum charting Ramsgate’s wartime experiences has opened at Ramsgate Tunnels. Starting from Ramsgate’s part in World War One, when it became the most heavily bombed and shelled coastal town in Britain, the displays take the visitors through the development of shelters, the planning, construction and life in Britain’s largest civiliam air raid precaution shelter, what happened to it after the end of WW2, and the struggle to reopen the tunnels to the public in 2014. Other displays show some of the growing collection of home front artefacts and ephemera in the tunnels collection giving an idea of domestic life in the 1940s.

There is no charge for entry to the museum to casual visitors but we heartily recommend that it is seen as an addition to one of our guided tours to give a complete feel to what it was like to shelter and live underground in Ramsgate during the dark days of World War 2.