Month Old Lion Cub Trio Venture Out

Lion Cub Trio Venture Out at Port Lympne in Kent, As Popular Reserve’s Cub Cam Goes Live.
Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve have released footage and images of their cute lion cubs, showing the youngsters frolicking and exploring whilst their patient parents look on.

Watch the footage here  –
The cubs, born on 13th May to impressive male, Adras and proud lioness – Oudrika, are nearly two months old and Port Lympne’s team are delighted with their progress.
Richard Barnes, Animal Manager and Head of Large Carnivore Section said: ‘The cubs are getting boisterous now, they’re in great shape and are clearly enjoying playfighting with each other. Their antics are very appealing, but it won’t be long before their driving their parents to distraction.’
The three cubs have been spotted by patient visitors keen to get a glimpse of the Reserve’s adorable arrivals, but it’s been the overnight guests staying at the luxurious Lion Lodges who have enjoyed premium viewing opportunities, as Oudrika continues to parade her cubs in front of the lodges large picture windows.

Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve’s Lion Lodges opened earlier this year and offer guests the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the lives of the lion pride, with prime views of the adorable cubs.
Meanwhile, the Reserve has set up Cub Cam, enabling fans of the cute trio to keep up to date with their progress and antics, without missing a thing. There will also be regular updates on the Reserve’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.
Highlights from Cub Cam can be viewed on the Reserve’s YouTube channel here
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