A Visit to the Dentist for Brown Bear ‘Fluff’

Brown bear Fluff had quite a day last Friday, when he was put under anaesthesia to have dental work. Fluff was rescued by Wildwood Trust 5 years ago and is a popular star at the Kent wildlife park.

Surgery on a 600 pound bear is a significant procedure and much can go wrong, so Wildwood Trust had hired expert zoo dentist Peter Kertesz to carry out the work. Kertesz is one of the leading animal dentistry experts and has completed similar procedures all around the world.

Fluff needed root canal treatment and also had two small teeth removed. The successful 3 hour procedure took place at Wildwood Trust near Canterbury, in the bears’ quarantine area.

Fluff lived the first 15 years of his life under appalling conditions in a canned hunting facility in Bulgaria, before being rescued and brought to Wildwood Trust. Malnutrition in this first part of his life caused the poor condition of his teeth.

The 21 year old Eurasian brown bear is recovering well and is relieved to be rid of his toothache.