Biddenden Cider Wins Bronze at IWSC Awards 2022

Biddenden’s newly released Biddenden Ice Cider is already wowing drinks judges, having been awarded a Bronze Medal at this year’s International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC) Alternative Drinks Awards. The cider was awarded 87 points, indicating it is “A perfectly well-made drink which provides an enjoyable drinking experience. A good reflection of the category style.”

The judging panel is made up of world-renowned experts across the global drinks trade, who taste using the ‘double blind’ method, meaning samples are pre-poured in numbered glasses to ensure judges never see the bottles. Each drink is judged by the whole panel in sync, allowing for group discussions and comments.

Of Biddenden Ice Cider, the judges described the drink as “Delicate yet inviting, with apple pie and creamy custard sitting alongside a light citrus character.”

The newest addition to Biddenden’s range of ciders, Biddenden Ice Cider is produced using a process known as Cryoconcentration, whereby freshly pressed apple juice is frozen, which creates a liquor with concentrated aromas & flavours reflecting the best characteristics from Kentish grown Egremont Russet & Bramley apples. The liquor is then fermented like a sweet wine for four months before being allowed to develop in the bottle, resulting in a 9% abv cider which is excellent served as an aperitif or to create a summer spritz.

Available direct from Biddenden’s Vineyard Shop, as well as online for nationwide home delivery here.