Canterbury Cathedral Tour- Monks Maladies and Remedies Tour- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Discover the precincts, gardens, and history of Canterbury Cathedral with our new tours. Each tour costs £5 per person and can be booked in the Nave.

Please note, numbers are strictly limited. We are a working church so there may be occasions when these tours will not be available.

Monks, Maladies and Gardens

What was life like for the Benedictine monks that lived within these precinct walls?

Join us as we travel through some of our public gardens and discover how these spaces, created over centuries, are still used and tended by our gardening team today.

Open spaces have always been an important part of Canterbury Cathedral, indeed Archive documents record a garden here 1000 years ago and today these places are still as relevant. On this tour you will also discover the significance of a medieval herb garden, the diagnosis and treatments for medieval diseases, and how the planets and the zodiac influenced parts of the body.

12.00, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

The tour takes 60 minutes and is entirely outside.

In addition to the tour charge, Cathedral entrance must also be purchased. You can book Cathedral entrance tickets online

Pricing Information

Tour charge £5

Cathedral Entrance £14 per adult