Orchard Activity: Kids Juicing

Orchard Activity: Kids Juicing

Dates: Thur 18, Fri 19, Tue 30, Wed 31 August, Sat 10, Sat 17 September 2022

Time Slots: 10am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm

Orchard Activity Day: Kids Heritage Orchard Juicing

Everyone loves apple juice and it’s something the whole family can enjoy, but have you ever thought about where is comes from and how it is made? Well look no further than our lovely orchards of the National Fruit Collection and the Brogdale Collections Heritage Orchards this summer where we are giving kids a unique opportunity to explore where our apples are growing and find out what happens to them.

Come along to Brogdale and walk through our orchards, where you can see more than 3000 varieties of apples, cherries, pears and plums growing, then, there is an opportunity to pick some seasonal fruit from our special heritage orchards and have a go at making juice.

Come along and visit our heritage orchards and you can:

  • Wander through the apple orchards and pick your favourite apples
  • Help prepare your apples for juicing
  • Have a go at pressing your apples to make juice
  • Taste the juice from your chosen apples
  • Take home your best apple picks to eat later


Pricing Information

One child and 1 adult £ 9.50
Additional child £7.50
Additional Adult £7.50
Suitable for children aged 4+

Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

All visits need to be pre-booked.