Wellbeing at Walmer

Enjoy a range of wellbeing activities in the tranquil grounds of Walmer Castle and Gardens. Choose from yoga, meditation, Shinrin Yoku, laughter yoga and mindful walking, among other activities that can help enrich your life both physically and mentally.

Walmer Castle and Gardens has long been used as a place of retreat, recuperation and revitalisation. They’ve drawn from this tradition to offer a programme of wellbeing classes activities to suit individuals of all ages and abilities against the backdrop of their beautiful gardens and seaside estate.

In the mid-18th century, Walmer Castle was a comfortable and secluded retreat for its Lords Warden of the Cinque Ports, while retaining its role as a fort. William Pitt the Younger, former prime minister and Lord Warden, delighted in the calm of Walmer:

‘The return of something like fine weather gives me so much occupation here, and will probably give me so much health …. and [I] am gaining strength every day. The picture from my windows this morning is as delightful as in the middle of summer.’

Through Wellbeing at Walmer, the goal is to bring the restorative peace and beauty of the gardens, as experienced by Pitt over two hundred years ago, to all those who wish to benefit from them. Experience the grounds in new and unique ways designed to enrich your sense of self and promote good physical and mental health.

Wellbeing at Walmer includes the following sessions, which can be booked individually:

Beginners Hatha Yoga

Chair Yoga and Meditation

Slow Flow Yoga and Meditation

Drum Meditation

Forest Bathing

Laughter Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga