Bronze, Steel & Stone: A remarkable exhibition of contemporary sculpture at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

The Everard Read Gallery have curated an exhibition of contemporary sculptures to include bronze sculpture by celebrated South African artists such as Beezy Bailey, Deborah Bell, Guy du Toit, Speelman Mahlangu, Lionel Smit and Florian Wozniak as well as works by British artist, Olivia Musgrave. The exhibition showcases monumental as well as mid-scale sculpture to be presented across the gardens.

 Both Everard Read and Riverhill share a long history as family-run businesses. Established in 1913 in Johannesburg, Everard Read is among the oldest commercial art galleries in the world with exhibition spaces in London, Johannesburg, Cape Town and in the winelands of Franschhoek. This outdoor sculpture exhibition continues the gallery’s practice of presenting sculpture in spectacular landscapes where they can be appreciated in a natural setting.

The works were selected , and curated, by Everard Read Director, Georgie Shields.  The aim being to introduce a range of artists working in different styles and to present sculptures with a variety of textures and patinas. We hoped to showcase how different sculpture can be and how they can be experienced within the context of a natural landscape.

 Another criterion was that they all be made of bronze and suitable to be outdoors.

Georgie Shields commented ‘We wanted there to be some relationship between the sculpture … some tension. So we clustered the artworks in a few areas – the Walled Garden, Primrose Meadow and the Rock Garden. This way visitors can experience all the sculptures by following a short trail. We also chose some unexpected locations so that visitors might be surprised by a sculpture as they crested a hill or rounded a corner. The gorgeous historic gardens of Riverhill are loved and enjoyed by the community. How wonderful to think that 30,000 or more visitors might enjoy these sculptures over the summer.

 The owners, Sarah and Ed Rogers, and the entire team at Riverhill, have been enthusiastic partners who really wanted to see this sculpture exhibition happen. That makes all the difference to a joint venture.

  The title of the exhibition “Bronze, Steel and Stone” speaks to the materiality of the works, and we wanted to emphasise the three-dimensional nature of sculpture and how it can shape and influence the space it in habits.

 I suppose another theme is one of stillness and serenity. Many of the pieces we have chosen for this exhibition exude a sense of calm and tranquillity. Much needed qualities during uncertain and turbulent times…’

The exhibition continues until the 25th of September and is included in our normal entry price.

The Gallery have very kindly created free audio commentary on the works for visitors to enjoy whilst wandering the gardens. Please scan the QR code on arrival.

All works are for sale. Please contact Everard Read Gallery direct for all sales enquiries.

For more information on the works and artists featured please visit their website.