Police Cars Seen at Diggerland Park in Kent!

Diggerland, the UK’s most thrilling construction-themed adventure park, located at Medway Valley Leisure Park in Strood, Kent, has recently sparked curiosity among visitors and the local community with the appearance of police cars on its premises. However, we assure everyone that there is no cause for alarm. The sight of these police cars is all part of Diggerland’s exciting new attraction!

 In keeping with Diggerland’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for families and children, the park is delighted to announce a thrilling addition to its range of attractions. Children under the age of 17, who measure over 140cm tall, can now enjoy the exhilarating opportunity to drive their very own electric police car!

Since the launch of this new attraction, children have been having an absolute blast. Diggerland aims to create an environment where young visitors can unleash their imagination, indulge their sense of adventure, and experience the thrill of driving in a safe and controlled environment. The electric police cars offer an authentic and interactive experience, allowing children to feel like real-life police officers on a mission.

Diggerland understands the concerns that parents may have when it comes to their children’s safety. Rest assured, the park has taken all necessary measures to ensure a secure and supervised experience. Trained Diggerland staff members are present throughout the ride, ensuring that all safety protocols are followed at all times.

With a focus on safety, the electric police cars at Diggerland are equipped with speed governors that limit their maximum speed, unlike their real counterparts. This ensures that the driving experience remains safe and enjoyable for young participants. Additionally, all visitors are provided with safety briefings before getting behind the wheel, promoting a responsible and safe approach to driving.

A Diggerland representative said, “Diggerland’s commitment to providing unique and exciting experiences for visitors is at the heart of everything we do. This latest addition to the park’s attractions is a testament to our ongoing dedication to delighting families and children of all ages.”

The Diggerland representative continued; “So, if you happen to spot police cars at Diggerland, don’t fret! It’s all part of the fun and excitement that awaits you. Plan your visit today and let your children unleash their inner police officers as they enjoy the thrilling experience of driving their very own electric police cars.”

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